Re: Grounding. Oh joy.

Here's an experience of mine which seems to relate to this:

> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Hi Yuri,
> At 12:36 PM 7/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >1. I have heard that it can be a good idea to epoxy a flat piece of copper 
> >to the base of a secondary to serve as a ground terminal. Would a piece of 
> >aluminum tape work also?
> I have not heard this.  Be carful not to make a shorted turn that would
> look like a short circuit and drain power from the primary to secondary
> coupling system.  I have heard of using a thick copper strap at the base of
> the secondary as a nice connection point but those are never complete
> loops.  Apparently, top terminals that form a solid loop are far enough
> away from the fields not to have much problem with the shorted turn effect.
> I would skip this copper plate thing.  Sounds like a load of trouble...
My very first coil use to run on the top of stainless steel bench. It 
was a terrible performer but that might possibly have been due to the 
one turn primary and a 0.125uF oil filled filter cap ;) :)  Running 
it on top of non-conductive surfaces made no noticeable difference to 
its performance. If the ground plane is completely conductive, it 
can't possibly absorb any power can it?