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Hi Adam,

	The usual advice I give for setting gaps is this.  Connect just the gap to
the neon.  With nothing else connected but the gap and neon, the voltage
across the gap will simply be the normal neon output voltage or 15kV AC.
Then simply set the gap to where it just begins to fire.  Thus, the gap
will be set to the output voltage of the neon.  Once set, you can put in
all the other stuff and go for it.  For safety gaps, you can also use the
above procedure except set the gap to where it just does NOT fire.



At 03:28 PM 7/25/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I am building an RQ style gap for a 15/30 repotted with -2 shunts (?ma) nst.
>I am using a 6" Green PVC drain pipe and 1.25" x 2" hard copper couplings. I
>can easily fit 10 fittings, giving me 9 gaps. My specs are as follows:
>20 turns of 1/4" copper tubing with 1/4" spacing (1/2" center to center)
>15 inverse conical
>6.75" average Inside Diameter, 25.5" average Outside Diameter
>4.25" x 21.5" 24AWG
>47.5 Turns/Inch (I physically counted the turns in one inch)
>1021.25 Turns
>15/30 repotted with 2 shunts removed with a 17amp variac
>17" OD x 4"
>10" OD x 4" (the leftover duct after making the above)
>RF Ground:
>1 8' copper ground rod with plans for 2 more
>Salt caps:
>I have a collection of Pete's Wicked Ale and Sam Adam's Ale 12 oz. bottles.
>I plan on testing one of each at work and creating two banks to see which
>type holds up best. I'm shooting for 5.305 pF for a resocap.
>The Question:
>What total gap should I shoot for? I have 9 gaps to play with. I planned on
>.04" per gap, giving me a range of .04" to .36" gap total. I have visited
>every ring web site and have seen gaps ranging from .2" to .36" for similar
>coils. If .36" is TOO big, I can use smaller/gap spacing for finer
>adjustments. I plan on a sync gap later. What is a good spacing for 9 gaps?
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