New Coil Questions

I am building an RQ style gap for a 15/30 repotted with -2 shunts (?ma) nst.
I am using a 6" Green PVC drain pipe and 1.25" x 2" hard copper couplings. I
can easily fit 10 fittings, giving me 9 gaps. My specs are as follows:

20 turns of 1/4" copper tubing with 1/4" spacing (1/2" center to center)
15 inverse conical
6.75" average Inside Diameter, 25.5" average Outside Diameter

4.25" x 21.5" 24AWG
47.5 Turns/Inch (I physically counted the turns in one inch)
1021.25 Turns

15/30 repotted with 2 shunts removed with a 17amp variac

17" OD x 4"
10" OD x 4" (the leftover duct after making the above)

RF Ground:
1 8' copper ground rod with plans for 2 more

Salt caps:
I have a collection of Pete's Wicked Ale and Sam Adam's Ale 12 oz. bottles.
I plan on testing one of each at work and creating two banks to see which
type holds up best. I'm shooting for 5.305 pF for a resocap.

The Question:

What total gap should I shoot for? I have 9 gaps to play with. I planned on
.04" per gap, giving me a range of .04" to .36" gap total. I have visited
every ring web site and have seen gaps ranging from .2" to .36" for similar
coils. If .36" is TOO big, I can use smaller/gap spacing for finer
adjustments. I plan on a sync gap later. What is a good spacing for 9 gaps?

Adam Minchey
ICQ 9397016

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