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>You can also go to the supermarket and buy cutting boards. Of course, then
>you'll have to cut it into strips, which is kind of a pain with PE, because
>it melts and sticks to the saw blade.
>        jim,all
>      PE will cut  like a dream w/o melting if the blade is coarse. say
>something like a 8 or 10 tooth (total teeth not per inch!) carbide tip
>circular saw blade.
>blades that cut acrylic and related materials will cause you trouble(ie
>if used on PE.
>i can supply tool geometry for sawing ,drilling,milling and the like if

I used a jig saw with a fine blade of about 10 teeth per inch and it cut 
right through commercial grade HDPE like a champ with absolutely no 
problems at all. I didn't try and rush through any cuts and would back up 
slightly about halfway through cutting a piece and remove the debris. I 
haven't cutting an actual store bought HDPE cutting board yet.

Speaking of which...

I was in different Walmart today, found and brought home a HDPE
cutting board, 12" x 18" x 1/2" thick for about 8 bucks. Nice and flat, no 
grooves or other "special" features. The brand was "American Chef" .


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