Re: An Oudin Resonator with a peculiar style of winding the secondary

Hi Jeff,

That coil looks familiar :-))  I wound one very similar too it.  I have a
web page that tells about such things at:


See the Non-Linear coils and Dr. R's comments...

I was trying to even out the voltage distribution on the primary at the
time but never went very far with it.  I used a computer controlled winder
to space the turns so that the voltage would rise linearly across the

I will be very interested in hearing how this works for you.  I got all
wrapped up in other things and never got back to this area of study...



At 10:17 AM 7/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I have just done some experiments in winding space-wound secondary coils 
>where the spacing inbetween turns increases as you near the top of the coil.
>is a link with actual size pictures.
>The idea came about in a strange fashion, and there is not a whole lot of 
>scientific logic behind it.  I needed a compact coil that produced an 8-12 
>shower of powerful sparks, yet also needed to fit within a rectangular box 
>7" wide 7" deep x 16" long.  That didn't leave much room for a primary coil 
>of the usual fashion, and I simply could not fill the box with oil as it 
>needed to be lightweight.  So both coils would need to be wound on the same 
>diameter coil, like an Oudin Resonator.  Close winding the coil with the 
>higher currents I am using short-circuited within the secondary.  Space 
>winding worked alright, but the coil length needed to be a few inches longer 
>to get the desired output.
>I can't explain why, but this coil appears to work okay.  Any ideas?
>Jeff Behary
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