Re: inflatable torroid

The aluminized mylar duct makes a terrible toroid.  The point of spark
issuance will ignite.  The interesting thing is watching the sparks run over
the surface of the material - even a stun gun applied to the material will
demonstrate this effect.

Bert Pool

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Date: Saturday, July 24, 1999 4:54 AM
Subject: inflatable torroid

>Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
>Hi All,
> I was wondering about a torroid made from metalized mylar or some other
>inflatable metal coated plastic.  The home center store as heating duct
>that looks like it is some thin plastic coated with aluminum and supported
>by a spiral spring wire to give the tube shape.
> I was wondering if the thin metal over plastic coating would just burn
>away or if such tubing could be of use.  The pipe looks like it would be
>stronger than typical aluminum duct when it comes to getting banged around.
> Also one should be able to make or find the materials to make an
>inflatable torroid out of metal coated plastic like those party balloons
>and some food products come in.  I wonder if it would have bad RF
> I have never tried any of this but though I would see if anyone has only
>thoughts on this.  The big aluminum duct torroids can get smashed easily
>and they sure take up a lot of room (especially in the car).  An inflatable
>version would sure be neat if it would work.
> Terry