An Oudin Resonator with a peculiar style of winding the secondary


I have just done some experiments in winding space-wound secondary coils 
where the spacing inbetween turns increases as you near the top of the coil.

is a link with actual size pictures.

The idea came about in a strange fashion, and there is not a whole lot of 
scientific logic behind it.  I needed a compact coil that produced an 8-12 
shower of powerful sparks, yet also needed to fit within a rectangular box 
7" wide 7" deep x 16" long.  That didn't leave much room for a primary coil 
of the usual fashion, and I simply could not fill the box with oil as it 
needed to be lightweight.  So both coils would need to be wound on the same 
diameter coil, like an Oudin Resonator.  Close winding the coil with the 
higher currents I am using short-circuited within the secondary.  Space 
winding worked alright, but the coil length needed to be a few inches longer 
to get the desired output.

I can't explain why, but this coil appears to work okay.  Any ideas?
Jeff Behary

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