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>>  I ditched wood altogether and went to HDPE and it's working great.
>>  The HDPE cuts and drills exceptionally well without any splintering
>>  or flaking. I did the first support out of 8 yesterday and it looks like

>It sounds like this should work great.  Good luck.  For those who may be 
>looking for materials, several folks have said they buy the white 1/2" thick 
>HDPE cutting boards and cut them up for primary supports.  My wife has one 
>that looks like it would work great.  I wouldn't think they cost more than 
>about $10.00.
>Ed Sonderman

Hi Ed, All,

I looked at HDPE cutting boards in Walmart, but they were too expensive 
and way too thick for the brands they carried to suit my purposes. Plus, 
most of them I saw had raised center portions with a deep groove to catch 
liquid runoff, along the top edge.  I needed thinner boards with an entirely
flat surface throughout.

I didn't get a chance to check K-Mart or other stores but I'm sure that with
sourcing around one could find the flat HDPE cutting boards at a reasonable

I originally started out with 8 supports but with a test I conducted this
winding the inner-most section of tubing, I removed 4 of the supports and left
4 at NSEW compass points. This will make it easier to make the turns on a
gradual basis as with 8 it proved to be just a little too tight, at least for

The HDPE supports hold the tubing very snug, so I didn't have any problems
at all with the tubing coming loose. This is some great stuff!



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