Re: coil questions

Terry, as always, thanks for the detailed reply.

> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> The gap is not the best but it should work "ok"...

I know.  Once I get this thing tuned with that I'll move on to either
the RQ static or an RSG.

> I would put a wire or sharp needle point on the torroid.  This should show
> some sparks even if the voltage is really low.  Then try taps from 4 to 12
> turns in 1/2 turn increments.  You really should find some point where the
> sparks grow to a maximum and then recede again as you keep tapping more and
> more primary turns.
> Put the gap across the neon.  When the gap conducts, it will short the neon
> and help protect it against the high frequencies of the primary circuit.  I
> would suggest a safety filter and safety gaps too...

I found the RC filter on your web site.  What wattage resistors would
you recommend for a 15/60 NST?  You said you used 250W but that it was
overkill.  Where can I find 30KV caps?  I tried Digikey and couldn't
find anything.  Also, what about a filter on the 120V side of the neon?

> Your coil is really straight forward and there isn't much than can keep it
> from working.  I would be very sure all is wired up correctly.

I've probably done something stupid.  I'm off to give it another whirl.