Re: An old Tesla coil system More like a goldmine!


Be VERY careful with that mercury interrupter -- any residual vapours could 
be lethal.  In fact, VERY lethal.

That effluve attatchment is wonderful [drool]-- ha ha, patients would sit 
under it and form a condenser circuit with the coil -- they were placed just 
above the sparking distance so that the air just ionises between them and 
the points.  This feels MIGHTY peculiar, I have made one myself and always 
amuse guests with it.

Effluve treatments in connection with a static machine do some thing else 
more amusing -- makes your stand on end -- which feels even stranger!

Usually in these treatments patients were firmly connected to the bottom of 
the Tesla Coil -- which is dangerous, if one should approach too near the 
top of the coil at the same time.

Effluve treatments with alternating currents of high frequency feels like 
1000s of needles ricocheting off of ones body.  I imagine that the hair on 
your body is violently standing on end and falling at the rate of several 
hundred thousand times per second,  like the frequency of the coil.  Tesla 
makes some very interesting remarks in his lectures on this feeling, which 
are well worth reading if you have copies.  I vividly recall reading in one 
of his lectures a hypothesis that if the current were higher the skin would 
burst from this bombardment, and, after trying some treatments I certainly 
agree -- or can see first hand how he came to the conclusion!!

I don't know about the medical worth, but I always feel good afterwards!  
May be doing more harm than good... the efflueve is full of ultra-violet 

Keep in mind, that if the coil sparks to your skin, you'll get one mighty 
burn!!!!  I've done that too!!  Not exactly safe... my web site has a 
picture of such treatment, as does my business card!

The caps look standard to this type of apparatus, likely glass / foil 
vacuumed highly and embedded in wax.  Ajax coils used this method, a 
manufacturer of high powered medical Tesla Coils, as did several other 
companies specializing in Oudin resonators.   Various embedding combinations 
were used, such as regular canning wax, beeswax, resins, etc.

Very very interesting, keep up the great photos and descriptions!
I am very interested in the primary coil adjustment pictures.


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