Re: Auzzie coilers

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>      How can I tell if my coil is over coupled or under coupled?
>  I'm running a 4.25" coil with a 30 degree primary on 1350VA and am getting
>  terrible results after tweaking everything from the caps to the ground 
>  could over coupling be a major factor here???
>  thanks

You generally want to be as tightly as coupled as possible for the best 
performance.  This would be to the point where you have the primary and 
secondary too tightly coupled which will usually cause racing sparks up and 
down on the secondary then elevate the secondary or lower the primary from 
there until the problem goes away.  I don't know how to do this without trial 
and error.  When I used a 30 degree primary with my 6.0" secondary, I had to 
raise the secondary up 2.5" from the lowest primary turn to avoid 
overcoupling problems.

Ed Sonderman