Re: Magnifiers

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<<  Hi all,
 >	Even though i'm pretty new to this, i do think i have some input i 
> can say about this. I was fortunate enough to attend the SoCal Teslathon 
> see both a Magnifier and a BIG tesla coil spit out arcs the same size using 
> the same exact PIG. Both coils were very impressive, but the Mag(if i 
> remembered my info correctly) sucked up about 75amps and threw around 10-15 
> foot sparks while the normal coil sucked 100amps to make the same size 
> Someone correct me if i'm wrong. 
> -Alan


There could be many other reasons why one TC was more efficient
than the other, other than because one of them is a magnifier.  The
efficiencies of different TC's varies a great deal in general, depending
on the design and construction.  

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT Teslathon.

John Freau