Re: Magnifiers


The 8J was making 12'-13' foot arcs with 55 amps. The Model
5M (Bill's Magnifier) was putting out 7'-8' foot arcs judging from the
photographs. I don't believe we had an ammeter on the maggie.

Jeff Parisse, Director
kVA Effects

> I was fortunate enough to attend the SoCal Teslathon and
> see both a Magnifier and a BIG Tesla coil spit out arcs the same size
> the same exact PIG. Both coils were very impressive, but the Mag(if i
> remembered my info correctly) sucked up about 75amps and threw around
> foot sparks while the normal coil sucked 100amps to make the same size
> Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
> -Alan