Primary support -update

Hi All,

I ditched wood altogether and went to HDPE and it's working great.
The HDPE cuts and drills exceptionally well without any splintering
or flaking. I did the first support out of 8 yesterday and it looks like
it was done by a machine shop, so HDPE plastic is definately the
way to go. My primary is 16 turns and I incorporated the strike rail
as part of the support. Each support is 9 3/8" in length. I drilled 16
holes about 1/2" down from the top and used a jig-saw to cut off
the top of the holes, leaving me near perfect slots for the 1/4"
tubing. The holes are a slightly tight fit and I have to push the tubing
into each hole so it shouldn't be a problem with the tubing coming
up and out while winding the rest of the primary.

Based upon the responses I received, email and on both Tesla lists,
I went to the flat primary and ditched using the 15 degree angle. With
my 6" secondary, I shouldn't have any coupling problems using the
flat primary. 

The HDPE isn't all the expensive - I ordered 8 pieces of 4" width, 1/2"
thickness and 12" length for $32.00, and that included UPS delivery
from an outfit called Professional Plastics, located in Commerce City,
CO (303-287-7900). I would highly recomend them to anyone.



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