Re: An old Tesla coil system

Jeff Behary wrote:

> That mercury turbine interrupter is just a fantastic find!!!

I will take a more careful look at it, maybe disassembling and
taking some pictures.
> I would like to help you identify any of your items that are in question!
> Medical coils are my absoluuuuuuuute favourite! 
> I like esp. the discharger on the top of the Tesla Coil, and what looks like
> the effluve discharger to the left.

I have put some more pictures at my site (taken from the material as
it was received. No cleaning or organization yet):

There are pictures of the plate capacitors:
That strange effluve device:
And some others if you look at the directory:

I will take better pictures when the devices are clean.
That Tesla coil has a secondary wound over a thick cardboard tube,
with what appears to be #22 wire insulated with black silk or cotton.
The bottom of the secondary is connected to a metallic bar that
extends below the support. The upper end is fixed to a pin that
crosses the tube wall. The upper terminal is a thick metal tube 
crossing a metal ball, supported by a wooden base that caps the coil.
The ball is connected through a hole in the center of this support
to a short wire that goes to the same pin where the coil ends.
The primary has a spring system to connect a tap to one of the turns.
I will take some pictures of the details soon.

> Would you be willing to send photos for my site:
> Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
> http://www.lvstrings-dot-com/quack.htm

I will take better pictures for that.

About the electrostatic machine, it is similar to this:
And, partially disassembled, can be seen here:
The restoration is going well. I am now fighting with some screws
that don't come loose in the support structure, and will soon
see what can I do with the old Siemens motor that powers the

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz