Hello to the group

Hi all.

I have just joined the list having recently found a link to it.  My interest in
Tesla-ing probably started way back as a little boy when I saw a medical
version demonstrated. My interest has remained and over the years I have built
several small ones and even found an article for a big one in Scientific
America. Last year I found a couple of sites dedicated to Tesla-ing and now the
Tesla List. A whole community of people consumed by Tasla coil theory and
practice. For some it appears to be a lifestyle. It must be true that if you
can imagine doing something then some one has already done it, there's a club
for it, and a group on the web dedicated to it. Of cause you all realise were
all quite mad, well not mad but far from the mean and I mean far from the mean,
deep into the tails of the distribution curve. But with six billion people on
the planet that still makes for a lot of Teslaphiles. 

But why, why would anyone want to build a great long thing that produces
six-foot sparks, some sort of phallic symbolism? I think not. I guess the
answer is because they can.

It presumable all started way back in our evolutionary past when it was
critical to have curiosity, the urge to build things and variation. It wasn t
the normal folk that discovered cooking or metal tools. Nobody normal would
have dreamed up relativity. 

So I enjoy my madness and say again, hi to everybody, I feel at home even a bit

Sorry moderator.  I know this note may contravene your submission rules. In
future I will confine my contributions to Tesla theory and practice.

Regards  Alwyn