Re: Success with Audio modulation of a VTTC

Hello Steve,

I bet you are right. The reason I ran it with the 2.5V side to the grid was
because I first tested the transformer out by driving a 8 ohm speaker, that
worked very well using the 2.5V side to the speaker, and not so well with
the 115V side to the speaker, but then I am not trying to drive a 8 ohm
speaker, am I? Hmm. Once I get the replacement Power amp IC I burned out, I
will have to try it out as you suggest. Still have to figure a way to
reduce HV RF from sneaking back into the amp...


David Trimmell

At 06:10 AM 7/20/1999 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: "Steve Young" <youngs-at-konnections-dot-com> 
>I believe you will have much better performance if you reverse the
>transformer windings - the 2.5v to your audio amplifier and the 115v to
>your 833 grids.  Should give a much better impedance match and will require
>much less audio drive power.