Some questions

Hi All,
         this is a list of misc. questions I need to ask related to my next 
1.  How do I calculate the inductance of a transteel cored inductor - do I 
just adjust the wheeler formula by multiplying the product of it by  for the 
core material in question?
2.  Is pvc aircon ducting any good for a coil form (16" dia)?
3.  How close should I space my rsg electrodes ?
4.  What sort of varnish should I coat the seconadry with ? 
5.  What would be good for the primary conductor ? - this system will be run 
up to about 5kVA input power with a 0.1uF primary cap at 9kV DC 2240bps.
6.  If i can get a 3' foot diameter spherical top terminal should I use it?
7.  How do I tell my parents about the enormous size of this system without 
getting kicked onto the street :-)

BTW: I have 3kg of 0.6mm magnet wire for 10 if anyone wants it

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Nick Field