Hi Folks

Finally got around to (almost) finishing my new RSG.

Was partially inspired by the one Bill Wysock made for Cabbott Sanders.......

Speaking of Cabbott, I trust he is well.  The last I heard he removed a 
finger inadvertently with a band-saw.  As he was a regular poster to the 
list, the silence is mildly disconcerting.

Anyway.  Had a bit of fun making the RSG.  Machined various bits from 
aluminium stock on a friends lathe and am pretty happy with the result:


I know Bert has concerns about the use of Lexan for the rotor but G10 is a 
little hard to find down here and the prototypes I built didn't suffer from 
any excessive heat build-up.  I think this is mainly due to the relatively 
long electrode length and considerable windage!

Now back to the power controller ;-)