Re: Primary: flat or conical ?

While he is new at this, he did ask a simple question.  Come to think of it,
haven't been here all that long either....

Off to his question.  If your using a low power system, you might want a
or conical primary.  Generally, the closer the primary is to the secondary,
more power will be coupled over to your secondary.

If you only have one transformer, say a 9kv or 12kv, 30ma perhaps, you might
want to consider a helical (striaght up and down) primary or a conical one.
If you do make a conical one, I would recommend 15 or 20 degrees.  You don't
want the outer-most turn too close to the toroid, even if you have a strike

On the other hand, if you have more power to deal with (greater than 500va)
you might consider a flat or 15 degree primary.  I have a 6"x26" secondary,
was able to get 70" sparks from a 15 turn primary with a 15 degree rise.
constructing a flat primary,  no noticable change was visible.

Based on my observations and tests over the years, with a medium sized coil,
difference warranted the extra time required for a tilted primary.

Either way you choose to go, the results will be good.  One note though, if
make a helical primary, don't make it go more than 15% up the length of the
secondary, or you might experience some corona from the primary to

>>What's better, a flat or a conical (30) primary ?
>You're new at this, right?
>There is no right answer to your question, as you phrase it, and with the
>lack of other paramiters. Here's your solution.
>1. Figure out every detail of your basic setup. Secondary size, primary
>size, toroid, everything.
>2. Repost your question, including the relevant dimentions, also include
>specs for your power supply.
>3. Watch for the next week as several different people (most with I.Q.'s
>that make you and I look like a carrot) tell you totally contridictory
>methods and ideas while proving themselves absolutely correct (and they
>all of them).
>4. Blantently steal ideas from several other people's best designs and
>one for yourself.
>5. Turn it on, wait, curse, turn it off, curse some more, make a small
>adjustment, turn it on, wait, scream, turn it off....repeat ad nauseum. 2
>days later the dog will pee on it and all of a sudden it will work.
>Most importantly, don't get dead. Most of these high-voltage toys are a
>bi-polar kinda hazard. Either they're giving you severe internal burns so
>you will die a horrible painfull death, or they're not. There isn't much
>middle ground.
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