Re: Microsim PSpice 8 Evaluation Version

I've added the microsim 8 eval to my web site.  It's at
http://tesla.better-dot-org under the files section.  It's also on a much
more stable server now so access problems should be taken care of.

I also am working on an online "MMC calculator" to offer various
configurations of MMCs based on desired voltage, capacitance, etc.  Any
thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Finally, I have almost unlimited server space for WWW, FTP, and anything
else since that's basically what I do all day at work :)  If anyone
needs free web space or more than their current ISP gives, drop me a
line.  I should think several hundred megs wouldn't be out of the
question if it were worthwhile stuff.

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Rscopper-at-aol-dot-com
> I don't have enough room on my web site to store this, but maybe one of you
> have??
> R. Scott Coppersmith