I want to publicly thank everyone who participated in the Southern
California Teslathon on Saturday. The success of the event was due to
everyone's participation and cooperation. Here are a few of the stats:

- 13 or more coils including battery powered, backpack, bipolar, DC, tube,
many medium sized, a large magnifier, and two other large coils.

- Attendance was over 65 before dark and at least 80 when the big coils ran
later in the evening.

- No complaints and no injuries (participants, neighbors, or home
electronics - Phew..)

- Austin brought his "Electroman" suit and roamed in and out of all the
streamers (At one point Ross and I were running at the same time while
Austin was in the middle taking strikes to both arms)

- We also ran three coils at once and the crowd loved it (kind of a battle
of the bands). Next time we'll need to run more at once :')

- Bill Wysock sacrificed a GE potential transformer during the running of
his magnifier (the magic smoke came out). He said a Westinghouse PT wouldn't
have died (Tesla Joke).

- Pictures I've received are posted at
http://fp2.hughes-dot-net/brianb/newpage11.htm Please feel free to e-mail any
photos and I'll include them in the Web page (with photo credit of course). 

- If you took stills or video I'd appreciate a copy (I was so busy I didn't
get a single shot myself).

Hope everyone had a good time.

Brian D. Basura