Re: Ignition coil (anti-parallel pairs) array and other questions

I don't think the ignition coils could supply enough current, and
the R.F. from the TC would probably feedback and fry the driver
circut too. To make the volt meters read AC you just need a diode
and the right value resistor that will give you the rms voltage
instead of the peak voltage on the meter. Unless these are the kind
you just hook up and have internal resistors. Most do not however.
As for the ampmeter, you have to use a shunt resistor in parallel
with it. You could easily make the 3A range you have be 30A. You
need to find out how much current the meter pulls at fs(full scale),
this might be marked on the face of the meter, and then the shunt
resistor would just be a value much smaller that would pass all but
the little bit of current the meter needed to go fs.
> Hi all,
> I will appreciate some help on the following:
> 1)Anyone ever tried using an array of pairs of ignition coils
connected in
> anti-parallel as a substitute for a NST? I'm just looking for a
> alternative to a NST.
> 2)Also, when winding one's own transformer how is the secondary's
> primary for that matter) layers connected to each other?
> 3)I have just finished making a control panel and case for my TC.
> the cap, RSG and NST. I have bought an old volt and ampmeter (both
> analogue). Only problem is they are both for dc. The voltmeter is
up to 300
> Volts and ampmeter up to 3 amps. How do I convert them to ac (240
> mains here) (and changing the scale the ampmeter uses (want to be
able to
> read larger currents?)), if is is possible??
> Thanx in advance
> H Buirski
> South Africa