Just wanted to personally thank Brian and Debbie Basura for the hospitality 
for hosting such a great event and hope we can do this more often. To Ross-o 
for the great job on the food and the use of  the power -buttonswitch 
(neat)!Then to all who 
came and made this event a huge succsess! It was quite a sight to have three 
coils  throwing arcs between them as Brian,Ross and I all hit the power at 
the same time (very cool) ! Then of course there was Jeff Parisse with his 
tube driven coil with it's hissing discharge! Along with Bill Wysock and 
his"Oh my God" magnifier producing enormous discharges .What more could a 
teslaphile ask for ? " An other one  someday soon!"

Thanks again, Mike Church (CHURCHMON) -at-AOL