An old Tesla coil system


My university received a donation of some old medical devices,
that include a medium-size Tesla coil system. In the near
future I probably will try to restore the system to working
conditions. The system was in use (I think) in the 1930's.

The material include:
a Tesla transformer:
A big induction coil:
A rotary mercury switch for the coil:
A control panel:

There are also banks of capacitors (square glass plates
and metal foil embedded in paraffin or something similar),
and spark gaps (series of point-plate gaps, very worn
from use), and several devices to be connected to the
Next week I will try to get more informations about
how was the original system assembled.
I am also restoring a big 8 disks Bonetti electrostatic
machine, from the same lot.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz