Ignition coil (anti-parallel pairs) array and other questions

Hi all,

I will appreciate some help on the following:

1)Anyone ever tried using an array of pairs of ignition coils connected in 
anti-parallel as a substitute for a NST? I'm just looking for a cheaper 
alternative to a NST.

2)Also, when winding one's own transformer how is the secondary's (or 
primary for that matter) layers connected to each other?

3)I have just finished making a control panel and case for my TC. Contains 
the cap, RSG and NST. I have bought an old volt and ampmeter (both 
analogue). Only problem is they are both for dc. The voltmeter is up to 300 
Volts and ampmeter up to 3 amps. How do I convert them to ac (240 volts 
mains here) (and changing the scale the ampmeter uses (want to be able to 
read larger currents?)), if is is possible??

Thanx in advance

H Buirski
South Africa

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