PIC List, and Tesla List people,

My PIC Capacitance Meter Files may now also be
downloaded from
Starting this Sunday I will be gone for three
solid weeks and won't have much of an opportunity
to check my e-mail. So, if you have any questions
to ask about the circuitry, try to do it before
this Sunday. Please ask questions direct to my
e-mail address instead of to the list, as I may
temporarily unsubscribe from the List while I am away.

I have also placed a zipped copy of my PIC Keypad
project at the same site in case anyone is interested
in building a keyless entry system. It has a number
of special features, such as the ability to respond
to several key sequences that the user can program in
on-the-fly. It's useful for those who want to see
how the eeprom can be used.

Fr. Tom McGahee