Re: Need Help with 15 degree Primary Support System

On my last primary (which is flat, but this should work fine for an
inclined primary) I used some 3/8" thick polyethylene strips that I
cut out of a plastic butcher's block. Drilled the holes slightly
larger than the tubing and then split it with a bandsaw down the
middle. The bottom half of the strip is tapped 1/4 - 20 and bolted to
the wooden frame from the bottom side with nylon bolts that stick up
high enough to go through the top piece of poly. The poly is standing
on edge at this point. The holes in the top piece have to be larger
than the bolts, and nylon nuts are used to hold the top down. The
inside turns are always hardest for me, but from about the middle out
they get easier. The top pieces can be placed on after the tubing is
fit to that turn, but I always remove the tops about 3 turns ahead so
I can see how to bend it easier. Just work your way around like this
and the tubing will fall into place. I only used two bolts per strip
and it wasn't enough, so I ended up using some wire ties in the
middle. The strips wanted to buck up slightly and another bolt would
have helped here.

On a previous primary, I used a 30degree slope. A slot was cut down
the middle of the 1x4's and a piece of 1/4" plexiglass was siliconed
in. The plexiglass had the holes drilled so that the tubing popped in.
I didn't like this way of doing it and that's why I came up with the
other method.

Good luck,
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>Hi All,

>I'm soliciting any tips, suggestions or hints on building a support
>system for a 15 degree, 16 turn primary using 1/4" copper tubing  for
>my 15kv 60ma 6" secondary system. Spacing is 1/4" between turns OD,
>and 1/2" center-to-center. I derived the 16 turn from data input into
>Wintesla program.





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