Re: Morton Salt

Morton's Salt is a brand name. It's plain old NaCl with a touch of Iodine 
added just for kicks (and us land lovers). With Saltwater Caps just about 
any salt will work. I used Diamond Crystal Iodised Salt with great (for a 
lossy SW cap) success.
Salt water caps are a "Brute Force and Ignorance" approach to capacitors. 
They will work, but their incredibly lossy. the justification is their price 
and availibility.
Also, in building mine I used a full 1" (2.5cm) of synthetic motor oil on 
top as corona suppression. I STRONGLY reccommend doing this. With that much 
oil on top no matter how hard I tried I couldn't make it produce any corona 
losses. I'm rather proud of this given most people can easily see the blue 
glow from their caps. Mine emit no light whatsoever (and a healthy human eye 
*can* detect a single photon in a totally dark room.), we tried.

  Well, Good Luck and don't get dead. B.T.W., you're from Germany? Ask for 
help from Reinhard, he's right in your neighborhood.

Coiler greets from Michigan.

The "Saltwater" Coronaphile
Christopher A. Boden
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