Re: Morton Salt

Dude its just salt.  Morton is the brandname.  It doesn't matter
what type of salt you use, just your average household table
salt, like what you put on your french fries.

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Subject: Morton Salt

>Original Poster: erik.beckhaus-at-t-online.de (Mein Name)
>Hello Coilbuilders,
>This is a cry for Help ! Can Anybody give me the formula of Mortons Salt ?
>I am new to this group and still constructing my Tesla-Coil. I decided to
>everything myself because it is cheaper.
>I also decided to build the capacitors myself. I chose a saltwater-design.
>salt which is used is supposed to be "Mortons-Salt".
>I have no idea at all what Mortons Salt is. As I live in Germany I must
>the German name for it, but I could find no explanation at all in any of my
>If somone can give me the formula, or the name according to the UIPAC
>standards, I will know what it is, and I will be able to detemine the
>name for it. Thanks in advance,
>Regards, Erik.