Re: Help! Will these work for MMCs?

Hi Doug,

	Since the caps are heating internally, the oil would have to cool the
internal parts (like the very center) to make a difference.  Unfortunately,
the layers of poly form a pretty good insulator so it is hard for the oil
to cool the inside of the caps.  Oil would give you some higher
dissipation.  How much is anybody's guess.  If your caps are heating to
around 15C, then oil may be a real benefit.  If they are like 100C the oil
will make no difference.  The caps will burn up before the heat ever
reaches the oil cooling.  I wonder if grinding the ends of the cap so the
oil could directly touch the end plates would help.  However, that is
getting pretty extreme.  I would simply get more caps if heat is a problem
rather than messing with too much exotic stuff.  Also the Dv/Dt may be a
factor too under very high currents.  Oil will not help that.



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>How long would it probably take to overheat the caps, if they're submerged 
>in oil?
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