RE: Need Help with 15 degree Primary Support System

I would recommend making the supports out of Lexan, much easier to drill and
machine than acrylic (Plexiglass) or wood.  Pictures and descriptions are at

Definitely start winding at the inside.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

		I'm soliciting any tips, suggestions or hints on building a
		system for a 15 degree, 16 turn primary using 1/4" copper
		for my 15kv 60ma 6" secondary system. Spacing is 1/4"
		turns OD, and 1/2" center-to-center. I derived the 16 turn
		data input into Wintesla program.

		I had initially tried putting in 8 wooden supports at
slightly more
		than 8 inches in length to give me the 16 turns out of 1x4
		the wood. I used 1/4" coax cable naildowns spacely evenly 
		along the top of the wood but the entire affair ended up as
		disaster and I had to remove everything before I actually
put the
		whole length of tubing in. The coax supports weren't deep
		to hold the pipe in place when I tried a small length of
pipe in 
		them, as the tubing kept popping up and out. I used silicone
		glue to fasten the cable holdowns to the top of the wood but
		proved to be a mistake. I then tried putting small brad
nails through
		the hole provided in the coax naildowns but they split the
wood and
		it also gave me a concern for providing a path to promote
		from turn to turn of the tubing. 

		I ended up in frustration removing all the supports to start

		I know there HAS to be a better method.  I would appreciate
		any help from some of you old vet coilers on this. 

		I also did try cutting notches into the wood 1/4" to make
		u-shaped channels for the tubing but I couldn't get an even
		depth and it kept splitting the wood. Apparently using a 1x4
		isn't necessarily a good choice of wood. 

		Also, I need to know is it better to start the winding of
		tubing from inside to outside?