Re: UK MMC mounting

At 18:39 13/07/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I've also used perforated boards from maplin for the 
>expendable experimental multi mini caps. 
>If I was using perf board for longer strings

Hi All,
	I had a brain wave  while trying to work out how to mount these axial
caps. I am using the standard 160 mm x 100 mm (6 1/4" x 4") matrix board. I
cut it into strips 1" wide  x 6 1/4" long, then  fixed the caps next to
each other along the whole length. I can fit 10 caps on this with a air gap
between them with the resistors fitted on top. The whole thing looks a bit
like a small roller conveyer. all the connections are on the outside and
you can still touch any of the caps to see if they about to lose their
smoke. I plan to make several of these and fit them into a frame with the
connections going to bolts as in terry's design. I could photograph it and
scan the image if anyone is interested.

cheers bob golding