Re: Morton Salt

Hi Eric,

	"Morton Salt" is simple table salt (NaCl).  Morton is simply a brand name.
 I have some right here.  The label says it does not contain iodine which
some table salt does.  I don't think that makes any difference at all.

	The label says it also contains calcium silicate but I think that is to
help if pour better or help it keep longer.

	For Tesla caps, any salt (sodium chloride) will work just fine.



At 05:05 PM 7/15/99 +0200, you wrote: 
Hello Coilbuilders,
This is a cry for Help ! Can Anybody give me the formula of Mortons Salt ?
I am new to this group and still constructing my Tesla-Coil. I decided to
build everything myself because it is cheaper.
I also decided to build the capacitors myself. I chose a saltwater-design.
The salt which is used is supposed to be "Mortons-Salt". 
I have no idea at all what Mortons Salt is. As I live in Germany I must
know the German name for it, but I could find no explanation at all in any
of my dictionaries.
If somone can give me the formula, or the name according to the UIPAC
standards, I will know what it is, and I will be able to detemine the
German name for it. Thanks in advance,
Regards, Erik.