ignition coil Plasma ball

Before I have tried many times to get a ignition coil based plasma ball
to perform. I do beleive ive found what I was doin wrong and will pass
it along. I am now useing a pulse generator to do my work instead of the
555 of the past. Here are my system specs.

Coil - Ford standard coil 12v
Pulse gen - Systron donner 100a
               Repetition rate - 1mhz
               Pulse delay - 10us
              Pulse width - 1ms
              Base voltage - 3v
Power source - 12v sealed gel cell battery
Transistor - 2n3055
Heatsink - 12x5" all finned stock
Globe used - 5" commercial globe (gas content unknown)

I found that adjusting the pulse width was more critical in the
performance than the repetition rate. Amplitude setting was set about
3v. 3055 never became warm during operation. I have a digital cammera
but it will not photograph the plasma ball well. I tried and tried. I
even fittled with exposeure time to no avail. I need to get out the real
cammera. Hope this helps someone. My original photos are at

   Philip Mac Duffie