Re: MMC Cap Papers and MMC Life Prediction

At 07:10 AM 7/13/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Tcoilers,
>I must add something here guys.Terry obviously thought of parallel
>growth of energy (~UU) and voltage square.And he is right.But many
>things determine arc lenght(not just energy!)...R.Hull had
>discovered,for example ,that very high breaking rates short the arc
>lenghts despite total energy sometimes grows in such operations.On the
>other hand,in my country (Croatia),in 70s T.Bosanac and his team built
>monster 400 KW classical coil...After reaching some 50 feet in sky arc
>would stop for a moment,went fat,and sometimes even explode without
>more progressing in path...I DO NOT claim that this would happen with
>every so powered system except here...Bosanac told me he had photos of
>arc going upwards ,than stop,and finally turned back way to his coil
>starting point.Explanation of that phenomenon is beyond simple
>"electricity thing"..
>Regards to all,

Hi Boris,

	This really is strange!!  Is there any way you cold get the picture (and
any others) from Bosanac.  If they could be scanned we could all see them.
I certainly would never expect an arc to tend to return to the source...