Re: Archive Repost - How to bring a dead NST back to life


Much was posted on this subject some time ago.  It works in some
cases.  I  have had absolutely no luck with the method.  It seems to
work best with tar that does not contain a filler material, such as the
non-Jefferson ones.  I have mostly Jeffersons.  I autopsied some of
these dead Jeffersons and the secondaries were burned.  This is 
another reason these could not be revived.

John Freau
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> Hi All,
> I came across this post to Chip's Telsa list while reading through
> the May 1997 archives. I haven't seen anything like this recently
> on any list or separate zipped article and thought it could stand
>to be re-posted. 
> When my NST finally dies (not if) I'll try this method first. >>
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