UK MMC mounting


I've used a PCB which is very expensive unless you
luck on some big surplus boards. I've finished one
board 10 strings of 9 each with their own resistor.
After I finished I thought of tying together two strings
and using one resistor for each pair, still not too
vulnerable to cascade failure and saving half the  

The second board I'll split - to give 5 strings, 3 strings
and two strings - giving me a bit of versitility.  

I've also used perforated boards from maplin for the 
expendable experimental multi mini caps. 
If I was using perf board for longer strings
I would  mount the caps vertically and tie them above and 
below the board. 
Or buy a sheet of the polythene glazing material from BnQ 
the acrylic is also suitable but tends to crack when you are 
working it. Drill and tie. or cut in strips.

Or that U shaped plastic channeling, drill through it, tie
and solder the leads underneath- leave a length of lead
underneath so that you could tie resistors on the bottom.
I think you can get it in just the right width. |O|  1.5cm
Perhaps also leave a length of the channeling to allow
you to extend the strings in the future. The end caps
can be connected to bolts so that each unit could be 
mounted onto a couple of bus bars. 

I don't like the idea of caps in a pipe - all the joints will
flex unsupported when you build it and you can't easily
inspect the caps or touch them to see if they are getting
warm. (Don't do that anyway if you have no discharging

Alan Sharp.

Nick wrote:

>as the caps we have ordered are axially mounted I wonder if anyone 
>had given much thought to how to mount them.  The idea I have had is to 
>solder them up into the required string length then slide them into a
>of plastic pipe the right length.  

>The connection would be by some brass 
>inserts pushed into each end of the pipe that can easily be made on even
>most basic lathe.  These would have a threaded stud throught their centre
>connect the capacitors to your coil.<