Moderator note.

Hi All,

	I just want to mention four items.

	First, please try to snip (remove) parts of a post you reply to that are
not important in order to keep messages from growing too large.  It is also
nice to add spaces and such so that you replies are fairly clear and well

	Second, this list deals only with the subject of Tesla coils.  All other
subjects WILL get rejected.  This list covers the topics of Tesla coil
construction, operation, measurement, and use.  Topics range from sources
of materials, opinions of commercial Tesla coil kits, measurement of
electrical fields, photography of coils, construction techniques, etc.
Topics such as the Tunguska explosion, free energy, anti-gravity, and other
things that do not contribute to practical Tesla coiling are not discussed.  
	I used to be pretty liberal, but as time goes on, I have gotten very
strict about subject matter.  If it does not relate directly to Tesla
coils, I now always reject it.  We all get enough mail now, with the
subject very restricted, without adding anything else.  We all signed up to
the list to hear about Tesla coils, so that's what we will get.

	Third, very short and simple replies, like "great idea", "thanks for the
information", etc. that don't really add to the discussion or involve
everybody, I ask be send directly to the person involved and not to the
500+ members of the list.

	Forth, sometimes people post questions that don't get answered.  Please
don't feel ignored!  It happens to everybody (me too :-)).  Usually we all
think the "other guy" will answer it or we are so wrapped up in something
else we don't get to it.  Or, no one has the slightest idea what the answer
is 0:-o  Feel free to ask again...