Re: MMC Packing (Was Re: MMC Design UK Bulk Order)

Hi Reinhard,

> Original Poster: "Reinhard Walter Buchner" <rw.buchner-at-verbund-dot-net> 

> what exactly do you mean by "case insulation ratings",
> Malcom?

The insulation surrounding the capacitor is not always as robust as 
the dielectric between the plates. If two caps are nested against 
each other and their outermost plates are at opposite potential (it 
is possible to connect them this way) the outer insulation could be 
punctured. Perhaps not likely for a conservatively rated MMC but 
possible if the voltage ratings are pushed. Other types of caps often 
state the breakdown strength of their casings. If it is of no 
concern, please ignore my message.


 > a bit puzzled in germany,
> Reinhard