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> 2) Can someone please review how LTR systems draw more current from the
> NSTs than resonant-sized caps?  I try to digest all the "theory" posts,
> but somehow missed that one.  I remember that it deals with the energy
> stored in the inductance of the NST secondary, but it didn't quite
> understand it.
> Thanks,
> Ross Overstreet >>


I have not been able to draw more true power into an NST using LTR's 
compared with reso-caps.  In fact, at 120V (normal rated V) into the
NST, only the reso-caps were able to draw more than rated power.
The NST drew about double the rated power with reso-caps at 120V
input.  With LTR caps, I had to turn up the input power to 140V input
to draw double the power.  LTR systems run with a somewhat poor
power factor, so a typical ammeter will show a large current draw,
but much of the power is just apparent power.  In my work, I haven't
seen any evidence that the LTR caps can give longer sparks from
an NST than reso caps can.  Using a 12kV, 30ma NST, I obtained 42"
sparks using either LTR, or reso-caps.  The LTR's produce a smaller
voltage rise at the NST output however, so they are less abusive to
the NST.

John Freau