posting images

Terry, Chip....

How do I go about forwarding images for you to post on the website?
Should I send them straight to the list or directly to one or other of
yourselves? Just a few scans of testing at 1/2 power and two from the
UK Teslathon, nothing really big...

<<<< I can't speak for Chip and I am not sure if he does this...  I have
too little (and wildly overpriced) webspace at the moment for all but my
stuff.  I have a full time internet connection and lots of drive space but
no time to figure out how to bring it all local on my home computer... -
Terry >>>>

Alex Crow

Also to all -

I did check my Evox MMC after a few short bursts, and I detected a tiny
(probably measurement error) decrease in capacitance with a cheap C
meter, but nothing significant. On the first try the coil may well have
been out of tune anyway - perhaps it suffered a bit from
HF/VHF kickback. Now it seems stable. I also might wonder if residual
charge might play havoc with accuracy of these readings - even a few
millivolts (quite likely from what I have seen from recent posts)  would
probably effect the reading from a cheaper pulse-counting cap meter.
Maybe an LCR bridge might be better??

With my 6.5" coil I now get 72" occasional sparks and a continuous power
arc of around 55-60"  for 2kW of neons - anyone do any better or does
this sound reasonable?