RE: RQ gap observation

Your experience is different than mine.  But with my RQ/TCBOR gap, one end
of the PVC pipe was closed and I had a pair of holes in the pipe between
each pair of pipes, forcing the airflow through the arc-channels, rather
than just through the pipes.  See

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

>Original Poster: Ross <ross-o-at-mindspring-dot-com> 
>One of the new features is the ability to turn the auxiliary stuff (fan on
>gap) off while still applying power to the NSTs.  Not exactly the latest
>in technology, but it led to an interesting observation last night.  I
>turned the fan off in the middle of a high powered run expecting
>performance to diminish, but to my surprise there was no change?!?  It
>possibly even run better.  I tried it several times with identical
>results (several 40" arcs  and tens of smaller arcs off of a small
>My gap is 8 sections of 1" copper pipe spaced at .030" around the I.D.
>of some 6" SDR.  The gap is currently tapped at .180" total.  You can
>see a pic at
>Has anyone seen anything like this?  I have always heard that RQ type
>gaps need airflow to work well?