Re: UPDATE Variable Transformers

to: Gary W.

The toll free number for C&H is 800-325-9465.  They tend to be a bit on the
expensive side.  R&D's number in Cleveland is 216-441-5577 and their prices
are reasonable for surplus equipment.



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Subject: UPDATE Variable Transformers

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>All the variable transformers are sold.
>I took the guy a sale catalog to show him his prices were too high.  He
>he made a deal with a place in Ohio and they bought them all.  He refused
>tell me how much he got for them and the company name.  I expect it was
>Radio Sales.
>Does anyone know how I can get a catalog from C&H and R&D Electronics?  Do
>they have a web page?
>Gary Weaver
>>1. One variac rated 0-115 VAC input, 0-135 VAC output 45 amps = $300.00
>>2. Two variacs in parallel rated 0-120 VAC input, 0-145 VAC output, 100
>>amps.  He has two of these units.  $600.00 each.
>>3.  Three variacs in parallel rated 0-240 VAC input, 0-280 VAC output, 28
>>amps each.  He has 4 of these units.  Not for sale yet.
>>4.  Six variacs in parallel rated 0-240 VAC input, 0-280 VAC output, 28
>>each.  He has 1 of these units.  Not for sale yet.
>>I have not been able to get part numbers.  The guy says if I want part
>>numbers I should come to his place and get them off the units myself.
>>The guy thinks he has a gold mine here.  He offered all the variable
>>transformers to several mail order surplus salvage companies for $5000.00
>>last week.  They all turned him down on the offer, now he is willing to
>>them to someone else.
>>I beleive the 2 gang unit rated 0-120 vac 100 amps could be connected in
>>series to get 0-240 vac 100 amps.
>>I am not sure if this is a good deal.  R&D Electronics has a variable
>>tranformer on page 19 for $195.00  Its a 2 gang rated 0-240/280 vac 22
>>plus shipping.
>>If anyone is interested in any of this stuff let me know.  You can deal
>>direct with the guy that has this stuff call 1-615-893-0542. Ask for
>>or Tom.