RE: genetic programming

> 	It was all very intersting, and it occured that this could be very
> usefull in designing primary circuitry, or power supply.  I was
> wondering if
> any one had ever tried this or concidered this.  I doubt that any
> one has,
> unless they hapen to go to MIT or U of I.  Particularly because
> most of the
> problems were run of a "beawolf cluster computer" that operates
> at 5 gigahz,
> which I doubt any one on the list has (price tag $15,000).  But hey, it's
> worth checking, hey, maybe someone's into programming.

Side note, and I know its off topic, but I hope you let it through
A "beowoulf cluster computer" is a fancy name for a special version of
Linux that was developed to do massively parallel work. You can build
one of these beasties for less than 3K, if you wanted. That would
be for a 5 node system (with 466 Celerons, 128K ram, No disk for 4 nodes
a switching hub, and a master system that has disk and etc.)

Btw.. I suspect that you mean Gigaflop.. but I could be wrong.

Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net

<<<< Since there is reasonable interest in the genetic programming subject
I'll let this through...  However, the details of how to build computers
should be discussed OFF this Tesla coil only list. - Terry >>>>