2 questions

1. has anyone tried wrapping a 4 to 6 inch PVC pile with thick vinyl (.020
or so) and then winding the coil and removing the PVC??? if yes, did it make
any difference?

2. I've sold quite a bunch of Panasonic ECQ-E capaicitors to several persons
on this list (a few hundred here, a few hundred there) - since I have a ton
of these and they are a lot cheaper than the other caps people have been
buying for MMC use, has anyone built anything with them to see if the
dielectric really does heat up - I'm curious, and furthermore if they do
work I'd just as soon have the extras be used by some coilers as have them
sit around in my garage.  I've been too busy (or distracted, perhaps) with
other projects to build up a test capacitor myself.