UK MMC mounting

Hi All,
         as the caps we have ordered are axially mounted I wonder if anyone 
had given much thought to how to mount them.  The idea I have had is to 
solder them up into the required string length then slide them into a piece 
of plastic pipe the right length.  The connection would be by some brass 
inserts pushed into each end of the pipe that can easily be made on even the 
most basic lathe.  These would have a threaded stud throught their centre to 
connect the capacitors to your coil.  This would give you a nice professional 
looking capacitor that can be altered very easily as all you have to do if 
you want to change the capacitance is remove one of the tubes, no 
unsoldering, no mess, just a pair of bolts and its out.

Any comments on how to improve this idea
Nick Field