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Yes, it should work fine as a synchro RSG.  Many of these motors also had an
external capacitor wired in the circuit --- approx 2-5 MFD was common.  Be
sure to check the circuit wiring to see if it had a cap in there.

You could plan on a 7 inch dia x 1/4 inch thick type LE or type CE phenolic
disk as your rotor.  Use 4 electrodes with a 1800 RPM motor.  Be sure to
have the rotor part done by a competent machinist so the balance is good and
the electrodes are accurate.  1/8 inch TIG welding electrodes work nice as
the rotor electrodes.



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Subject: Synchronous Motor

>Original Poster: "Adam" <aspid-at-netzero-dot-net>
>I have an old sync motor which I need some info on. Hopefully someone on
>this list can help. It was taken from an old strip chart recorder. This is
>the motor that moves the paper. Although it only rolls paper on a roll, it
>goes through MANY gears to reduce the speed, so should have some power.
>The label reads as follows:
>Leeds Northrup Philadelphia
>Motor Manufactured by
>General Electric Company
>115 volt     60 Hz
>1 phase      1800 RPM
>Synchronous Motor
>L&N No. 17-2-0-30
>It is about 4" in diameter and 4" tall (excluding shaft).
>Would this be of any use for a rotary gap?
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