Re: Poly Cap Shortage!

Hi Jeff,

	I will sell the extras for $1.40 each + $5 for shipping.  That will cover
my cost of the caps and the mailing costs more or less.  However, I will
have ~320 and Chip wants 180 and I will probably keep about 50 to fix my
EMMC if I kill it.  So that only leaves about 80 extra for three months :-(
 Chip may want to keep some extras too if a string blows or something so we
really won't have many extras for the immediate future.  When the other 700
come in I will sell them off in any quantity at the above price but till
then looks like they will be pretty rare :-(  DigiKey still has 2200 of the
47nF is stock but you don't get quite as much bang for the buck with them.
I called around to the other places with these particular caps and they
were all worse than DigiKey.  Some went to lead times of 6 months!  Of
course, the Panasonic caps are not the only game in town and now that they
are getting scarce other sources may be needed...



At 12:21 PM 7/9/99 -0500, you wrote:
>How much per cap?  I could use some of them.
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>Subject: Poly Cap Shortage!
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>>Hi All,
>> I just ordered 1000 Panasonic poly caps from DigiKey.  They are sending me
>>300 and putting 700 more on backorder.  They will be out of the 1600 volt
>>0.056uF caps for 10 to 14 weeks.  Sorry bout that :-)  I saw that they were
>>going pretty quick and decided to jump on the ones that were left.  After
>>Chip and I grab all the ones we want, I'll sell the others at cost.  Of
>>course, if Chip and I get real inspired we may not have any extras :-))
>> Terry