genetic programming

	I was watching a video that MIT sent me (to advertise thier new book 
"genetic programming III") where they devised a way to use genetic programmig 
to design circuitry.  The impressive thing was that they had used this 
program to design circuitry that infringed on, and in some cases improved 
earlier patents on circuitry, such as high pass filters and low pass filters.
	It was all very intersting, and it occured that this could be very 
usefull in designing primary circuitry, or power supply.  I was wondering if 
any one had ever tried this or concidered this.  I doubt that any one has, 
unless they hapen to go to MIT or U of I.  Particularly because most of the 
problems were run of a "beawolf cluster computer" that operates at 5 gigahz, 
which I doubt any one on the list has (price tag $15,000).  But hey, it's 
worth checking, hey, maybe someone's into programming.

	Ramsey Barghouti